Follow our care and maintenance guide to ensure that your area rug always looks its best. 


When it comes to your area rug, setting up a routine care & maintenance routine is of considerable importance. Not only will you help to consistently keep your area rug looking great, but you'll help to guarantee its longevity too. Learn more about our tips and tricks for maintaining your area rug below. 

Dealing with Spills & Stains

Carpet Liquid Spill


When dealing with liquid spills on your area rug, the key is to act fast. Upon realizing that a substance has spilled, promptly find yourself a clean towel and attempt to absorb as much of the substance as possible. From there, blot the stain with a mixture of one part vinegar and one part warm water and then reassess. If the stain persists, consult your area rug manufacturer's care guide. Not all stains are created equal, so always pre-test any new cleaning substances that you try.

Carpet Solid Spill


A quality vacuum cleaner should help with any solid spills. By investing in a good vacuum, you are actively prolonging the lifespan of your area rug. Plan on vacuuming every day or so to ensure maximum beauty. Dirt and debris can damage the fibers of your area rug, so be diligent with your vacuuming.

Carpet Pre-Test


Before using any unknown cleaning substances on your area rug, make sure to test them on an old shirt or a towel to guarantee that they aren't going to damage your rug.

Daily care is important

Keeping your area rug flooring looking great is not as challenging as you might think. Simply by vacuuming it every few days and addressing spills and stains when they occur, you'll be able to effectively enjoy your area rug for many years.

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